Anton Taranenko

Entrepreneur, developer, investor.
Expert in tourism and reliable investments.
Specialist in tourism and foreign real estate.
Anta Group ㅤ Visit Ukraine ㅤ Visit World

For the last 3 years I have been developing companies in the IT and international development industry

I do projects that bring me pleasure. I consider process to be the foundation of all businesses. The result is the deserved outcome of good work.

In 2020, the Visit Ukraine information website appeared. Over time, the resource grew into a huge service portal with millions of traffic.

In 2022 we expanded and created a subsidiary project - Visit World, covering 200+ countries.

While developing the business, I started investing in various assets, mainly in real estate. I started with Ukraine, then Turkey and UAE, as well as Bali.

Background in the tourism industry gave an understanding of what real estate will bring profitability. And over time, I and my partner founded ANTA Group, an international real estate development company.

about me

15 years in tourism
and territorial development

Created popular information services for tourists from all over the world


IT business
Event business
Organizer of large-scale projects Eurovision 2017, Champions League Final 2018
5 years of successful investment experience
I create for investors unique real estate in Turkey and Bali island
Owner of an international real estate development company with offices in Ukraine, Turkey and Indonesia.
Expert in tourism
Head of the Board of Visit Ukraine
Co-founder of Ukrainian Hotel & Resort Association,
PhD Tourism & Development

My mission: To improve territories and create new places for people to live comfortably.

I build my strength and confidence through sports - golfing, snowboarding and surfing.


My growth strategy:
To develop my ideas and make them a reality.
For me, the best motivation in business is the realization of successful and unique projects.
My backbone is my team.
My strength is my family.

my projects

International real estate developer
Hasan Bey Residence
HMG Gold Residence
HMG Residence
Anta Home Neon
ANTA Residence Canggu
Service platform for tourists, migrants and expats


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